We try to make your life easier all the time. One of these things that might make integration easier is our toolkit.
It contains support tools for PHP developers but also platform-independent tools.

POSTMAN collection

Easy way how to start using CareCloud API. Download the collection and import it into your Postman installation. In minutes you will be able to do API calls on your own.


The SDK for the CareCloud REST API contains a list of resources and uses them with the best practices. That should make your integration easier. SDK was created for PHP developers only, and you can find it with its documentation on our GitHub:


REST API client was built for developers who don't want to spend time writing their classes but need different access to API resources than SDK. The REST API client is built in PHP, and you can find it on our GitHub:

Open API 3.0 specification

We published the Open API 3.0 specification of the CareCloud REST API because we understand all developers need a tool for easier and faster integration with CareCloud REST API. The specification is available on our GitHub:

You can generate not only API clients in several languages. But also use it with plenty of tools that support many platforms and programming languages. Please look at the list of available generators and find there your platform: